Extra virgin olive oil with Thyme


Extra virgin olive oil with Thyme

The product


Pearls of extra virgin olive oil and thyme, ideal to decorate grilled dishes, steaks, pasta, soups, and many other.

The product is a completely natural product based on olive oil (extra virgin olive oil) and the addition of natural extracts or aromatic oils. The envelope is a natural gel from Agar Αgar, and the whole process becomes cold so that no olive oil is affected. There are currently 5 products with base the olive oil and 1 with base the olive. Olive oil with lemon, olive oil with thyme, olive oil with chili, olive oil with truffle and plain olive oil.


The duration


Product life is always set at 18 months in a shady, cool place.


The usage


The role of our products is food styling. It complements aesthetically and offers tastefulness in various dishes, soups, sweets, canapés, cocktails and much more. Can be used in hot dishes with temperature up to 60°C.


Target Audience


The products are available in a package of 65gr. In a glass jar which is in a cardboard box and is addressed to tourism, and in a package of 300gr. This is addressed to the cuisine professional.